As technology advances, your chiropractor might discover new ways to provide treatment to his/her patients. As you can imagine, your doctor sees many different types of people of all shapes and sizes every day, each with different sensitivity levels and pain thresholds. With such a wide variety of patient needs, sometimes the manual adjustment a chiropractor can provide might not be as effective or efficient, which is why your doctor might use a tool like The ArthroStim® Instrument to enhance their treatment sessions.

The ArthroStim® Instrument is a handheld machine that aids your chiropractor in performing adjustments. This powerful tool delivers 12-14 incremental thrusts per second, and with the repetitive rapid thrusting it enables the practitioner to distribute the overall thrusting force resulting in a lower impact adjustment. This technique can benefit all patients but is especially helpful with:

  • Infants and young children
  • Individuals with acute or extreme pain
  • Particularly sensitive individuals
  • Individuals who dislike being “cracked"
  • Individuals who suffer from extreme neck pain
  • Individuals who require adjustments to the extremities
  • Elderly individuals

Typically, your chiropractor might use The ArthroStim®Instrument by itself or in combination with other adjusting techniques, but of course, this will depend on the approach they feel is best for your specific treatment. Speak to your chiropractor to find out about the methods they use, and whether or not they think The ArthroStim® will be right for you.




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